Random Post: A Programmer’s Desktop

Just for the heck of it, I decided that I would post a screenshot of my desktop right before I start programming (ie. before too many windows get opened and clutter my workspace). Those of you that are sharp might notice that it looks a little…wide. That’s because I have three monitors on my desktop — two 19″ and one 22″ LCD monitors. That gives me a total resolution of 4560×1050: far bigger than a single monitor could reasonably give me.

My Desktop

Extra brownie points go to those who can answer the following questions about the screenshot:

  • How many cores does my desktop have?
  • What music player am I using?
  • What scripting language server is running in the command line?
  • What is the symbol on my desktop, what is it’s significance, and who came up with the idea to use this symbol for this purpose?

Anyways, I have some new photos that will be going up tomorrow, as well as some of my experiences with using an off-camera flash. Stay tuned for that!