Give Credit Where It’s Due

Update: After talking with some people, I realized that all of this was worded pretty harshly. It was intended only to be a request for what I wanted people to do when they use my photos. My apologies to everybody.

Recently, I’ve noticed on more than one occasion people using my photos for their profile pictures on various social media websites. I think that’s great; it’s good publicity for myself and it shows that the photos are liked. Unfortunately, I’ve seen the growing trend of some photos getting cropped, removing the URL from the image. Most of the time this is unintentional. If this happens, don’t worry; just give me credit in the photo description.

Here’s my requests for my photo use:

  • Feel free to use the photos on any social website, provided that you give me credit. This can be either by:
    • Leaving the original URL watermark in tact, or
    • Giving credit in the description or caption, using both my name and website URL
  • Unless I give specific permission, I would not like my photos used for derivative works. Chances are just asking will result in a “yes”; I simply want to know where my photos are being used.

I believe that credit should be given where it’s due (not to mention that it’s a copyright violation). If you want to use my photos, just give me credit. Hopefully I won’t have to put watermarks in more obstructive locations in the future.

Hopefully that clears things up a bit. Again, for those that read this before the update, sorry about how harsh it came across. I guess that’s what Mondays do to me.