A Shameless Plug For I, Gamer

Over the past 6-8 months, I’ve been working with some friends on a podcast. In particular, the I, Gamer podcast. If you’re a gamer in any sense of the word (be it card, board, consoles, role playing, or computer games) or just like listening to humorous banter, I would highly recommend taking a look and giving it a listen. We’re improving every time, and our content is getting pretty good.

While Tyler, our main host, was on vacation two weeks ago, I got the opportunity to sit in the host’s chair and run the show with a guest. We talk about Munchkin, the Nintendo 3DS, the Steam digital distribution system, and console-to-PC ports which just don’t turn out as well as we’d like. You can check out this specific episode here.

Check out the podcast at http://igamer.ca, or (better yet) grab the feed on iTunes. Hope you enjoy!