Have Air Miles, Will Donate To Charity

I’m sure many of you collect some sort of rewards on a reward program, be it Aeroplan or Air Miles, or some other similar program. Myself, I’m an Air Miles person, and a lot of that has to do with the really good deal that I get for Safeway prescriptions.

But I digest 😉

While casually browsing the rewards catalog online, I was going through the gift cards and subscriptions. I happened to notice a new section for charities. Under there, you have redeem 170 Air Miles to donate $20 to one of three charities: Kids Help Phone, Special Olympics Canada, and the World Wildlife Fund. Unfortunately, Air Miles has yet to add any more charities, but I sincerely hope that they add more than those three. I’ve made a firm decision to redeem a donation for every item I redeem on there.

I’ve never seen this on a rewards site, and I think it’s a great thing to do. Think about how many reward miles you have. When was the last time you redeemed them? Do you think you could spare a few to help a good cause? I hope the answer is yes. Some people don’t donate to charities because they can’t afford it. Now that you can use Air Miles, this should make things a little easier. Alternatively, redeem a gift certificate somewhere you would normally shop, and use the saved money to a charity of your choice. Either way, it’s a free donation.

Just a little food for thought.