My Commitment To The Web Design World :: A One-Month Challenge

After reading an article on Smashing Magazine (link to the article is here) that talked about the state of the web design world right now and where it’s progressed, it really got me thinking. The article mentions that the number of experts in the field has not grown proportionately to the number of developers, but the number of inexperienced people giving advice (often wrong!) has grown exponentially. There isn’t the discussion there used to be, and the sharing of knowledge seems to be lacking.

Thus, I have issued myself a one-month challenge:

The Challenge

Contribute to the web design world at least once per day for a whole month.

The Rules:

  • I need to perform 30 contributions over 30 days, not necessarily 1 per day (I have a life, or at least I like to think that I do)
  • Contributions can be:
    • writing articles on my blog
    • offering small tidbits of code that I believe would be of some use to others
    • provide meaningful comments on web design articles
    • tweeting about other well-written things that better the community
    • answer questions on sites such as StackOverflow, Quora, etc
    • review of a number of similar products

It Starts Today

My contribution today comes in the form of this blog post, and is a request from every web designer out there who reads this.

If you read the article and agree with what it says, take up your own 30-day challenge. Tweet this blog post, write about it in your blog and link me for a pingback, write me a comment, do whatever you can to get the word out. The evolution of the world’s web design community begins with every single regular developer striving to offer something to the rest of the community. I hope this blog and the above article will inspire even one or two people to do the same as I am.