SILCnode SILC Server
In light of the recent privacy concerns regarding PRISM, I started a publicly-available SILC server to replace any chat programs that others may currently use. SILC is essentially encrypted IRC, so while it doesn’t fulfill every chat need with ease, it’s better than all the data sitting on some third party site that is actively monitored. SILCnode logs nothing except for fatal server errors, and you have the ability to be anonymous while on SILCnode.



heRO Server Firewall Patcher
A group of friends and I started playing Ragnarok Online (again) on a free server called heRO. Although we could get it to run with Crossover Mac, we still couldn’t connect to the server. With a few tweaks to the system firewall, I fixed the routing issues, auto-launched the game, and even added in an auto-update tweak — all in Bash. A future version will get created in AppleScript for more functionality.

Dev Folder: [link]


IPAM Presentation
In November, I did a presentation to the Information Protection Association of Manitoba on client-side attacks on web-based applications. My presentation notes can be found here. There are a number of formats available: straight slides, with notes, 4-up, and 9-up. Original Microsoft Powerpoint format is available upon request.

Slides: [Slides] [Notes] [4-up] [9-up]

Lineup is a bulk downloader I initially designed to download some of my favorite webcomics. It’s rough around the edges, but I have plans in the works to refactor it. It’s all plugin-based, so you can develop an addon to work with any web site running on the HTTP protocol.


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