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Have Air Miles, Will Donate To Charity

Think about how many reward miles you have. When was the last time you redeemed them? Do you think you could spare a few to help a good cause?

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Finding the IIS FTP Vulnerability

On September 1st, Microsoft released a security advisory regarding an exploit that was discovered in their IIS FTP service, which you can find here. In short, the vulnerability allowed servers which allowed anonymous write access to be compromised. Opening up

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Upcoming Swing Events

For this Monday’s blog post, I’d like to stray a little from my typical technology discussions and focus on something far from that: dance. Not just any kind of dance, though. I’d like to quickly discuss swing dancing. This might

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Car Upgrades, Pt. 3

In the last part on my series of upgrades I will be doing to my car, I thought I’d focus a little bit (although not entirely) on the electrical components in my car. As you may remember in the first

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Technical Difficulties

So, I’ve had quite a string of bad luck with technology as of late. One incident involved my personal server at home, and the other involved my website. I spend quite a bit of time on the bus for getting

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The Schedule

When I started this blog up a short while ago, I was presented with a number of pieces of advice to ensure the so-called “success” of my blog. For a site such as mine, I’m not sure how one might

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I Caved…

I vowed never again to use WordPress, but here I am. Why, do you ask? Mostly because I got sick of having a domain just sitting there and not doing anything. When my own software is developed, I will probably

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