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The First Week

Looking forward to going to work Is a feeling that I’ve never felt before this week. It’s an odd feeling, and one I don’t know if I will ever completely get used to. Of course, I’m sure the feeling will

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Five Sites To Waste Your Time On

Well, I start my new job today at Manitoba IPC. Next post I’ll talk about that, but seeing as how I will have only been working for about 3 hours by this point, I won’t have much to go off

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Over the next few weeks, there will be a lot changing in my life in many different aspects. I expect it might be an interesting experience. As many of you may know, I run a site called H2H Security Group,

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Car Upgrades, Pt. 2

My car, a 1994 Plymouth Acclaim, was given to me by my grandpa. At the time, I wasn’t entirely sure that I wanted it. After all, it looks like the only person that should drive it should be someone who

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Car Upgrades, Pt. 1

Due to the recent success I’ve had from getting a job (see a future post) and me having slightly more money than I expected to have at this point in the summer, I decided I would do a bit of

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The Investment

Due to the recent complete failure of my server, I’ve decided to plot of some of the purchases I need to make in order to secure my storage space a little more (and to make my server able to take

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For the past two years, I have been running a small personal server out of my house. Well, I guess “small” is a relative term. To be more specific, it was a Fedora 8 server with 2 terabytes of storage

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The Waiting Game

While taking a Computer Science degree at my university, I have the option of participating in the Co-Op program, which will help me get intern positions at firms in the Computer Science field. The positions range from performing basic technical

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Decisions, Decisions

This August I have to deal with a problem that arises every three years. Right now, I have about two months to decide what I will do with my cell phone. Although I currently have a Sony Ericcson w600i and

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Testing Out Fedora 11

A few years ago, I made the switch on my laptop from Windows to Linux. If I had to summarize the experience, I’d say it’s been…well…an experience. It’s had its ups and downs as I tinkered around with more distributions

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