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Beware The Bad Crimping Job

After reorganizing my server room, I was getting really poor connectivity. Connections were dropping, dealing with 500+ms pings, etc. ¬†Thought it might’ve been too many data cables running together (HDMI and data were running together, maybe interference between the two?).

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My Commitment To The Web Design World :: A One-Month Challenge

After reading an article on Smashing Magazine (link to the article is here) that talked about the state of the web design world right now and where it’s progressed, it really got me thinking. The article mentions that the number

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Build A Home Theatre PC for $317

Although I’ve been planning on it for a while, I’ve been putting off the purchase of a home theatre PC for my house. I’ve been storing all of my media on a server running in my basement, but I didn’t

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Replacing The Junker

Some of you may remember the first car that I owned: a 1994 Plymouth Acclaim. The behemoth handled like a Plymouth van (which handles like a boat) and guzzled gas like it was a Slurpee. The only thing good about

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Fix Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Earlier this week, Facebook rolled out a new privacy policy which allows outside applications to view information stored on you, including your likes, connections, education, current city, and more. Needless to say, there’s a big issue with privacy here. While

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Backup and View Your iPhone SMS Messages For Free

Update: this does not work for iOS 4 and up, due to iTunes encrypting the backed up files. There is an easy fix for all of those with jailbroken devices, however. Stay tuned for that update! Lately I wanted to

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Switching To DVORAK

Recently I made the decision that I would try to switch keyboard styles. Almost everybody I know uses the standard QWERTY-style keyboards because they are so common, but because I use a keyboard so much, I want to protect my

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I’m Back

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted; about three weeks, actually. To the one or two readers I have, my apologies that you don’t have something to waste your time on twice per week. I’m getting back into the

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Ubuntu’s Koala Has Good Karma

Canonical’s Ubuntu 9.10 operating system is a work of art. Seriously. I would frame it and mount it on my wall if I could. Unfortunately I can’t, so all I can do is gush about it and tell people about all of it’s amazing features. Non-techies: just smile-and-nod your way through this post :).

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iPhone 3.1 Firmware Issues?

After having my iPhone for the past month or so, I’ve found very few problems with it. In fact, I’ve never had a problem yet – until the new 3.1 Firmware Update.

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