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Give Credit Where It’s Due

Update: After talking with some people, I realized that all of this was worded pretty harshly. It was intended only to be a request for what I wanted people to do when they use my photos. My apologies to everybody.

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A Reflection on Being President Of A University Club

Over the past year and a half, I’ve been presented with the unique opportunity to be on the executive committee for one of the largest university groups on my campus; UMSwing has grown to be one of the most popular

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Ruby Documentation Sucks

Okay, this is going up a day late. My bad. I’ve been busy. Regardless, I have a rant which any programmer can sympathize with. I’ve been recently programming a proxy in the Ruby programming language, which is known for its

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In my area of the city, we recently underwent construction on the busiest 4-way stop in the neighborhood. Every rush hour, the intersection was the main source of congestion, and traffic backed up on to Bishop Grandin. So, they decided

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Over the next few weeks, there will be a lot changing in my life in many different aspects. I expect it might be an interesting experience. As many of you may know, I run a site called H2H Security Group,

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For the past two years, I have been running a small personal server out of my house. Well, I guess “small” is a relative term. To be more specific, it was a Fedora 8 server with 2 terabytes of storage

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Education, Please

Sometimes it scares me how woefully uninformed some people are.

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