BrianWho Am I?

Hey there, I’m Brian. This is my website, in case you couldn’t figure that one out. I’m a Software Developer working with Ceridian Canada Ltd, and was a university student at the University of Manitoba taking Computer Science.

I’ve been interested in computers since I could walk. I’ve always had a knack for programming, debugging, and usage. Needless to say, I decided to persue my interest as my profession in the future. Along with the interest in computers comes the other standard interests; I’m an avid gamer and general nerd, and I’m deeply facinated with computer hardware, servers, networking, and hacking. My LAN parties are huge for a house my size, and the next one will hopefully span multiple rooms just to fit everyone.

Other random interests include music, swing dancing, camping, snowboarding, photography, theatre tech, and parkour.

I’m hoping to use this site for a few things. First and foremost, I want this to be a place to showcase my current work. Current programming projects that I have worked on that I deem interesting will be posted here, as well as some photography and displays of lighting rigs that I have designed. Secondly, I plan on using the site as a means of passing information to the masses. I’ve always believed in the value of distributing knowledge, which I’m sure is one of the reasons why I am interested in web design. Hopefully from reading some of my posts it might provoke some thought about what I talk about, or interest you in something new.

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