Paying It Forward

As an avid gamer, I often find myself perusing various subreddits and watching streams in my spare time. Among those is the Day[9] Daily, a regularly-scheduled livestream by Sean “Day[9]” Plott. Now if you’re not in tune with the Starcraft scene in the slightest, Day[9] means nothing to you. If you are, however, The Day[9] Daily is one of the most-watched live streams about being a better gamer, for the love of the game. Each show, Sean takes questions and answers them live. He’s able to do this with the infamous “Question Grabber”.

The Question Grabber, was written by Marky Ochoa, who at the time was just a loyal Day[9] fanboy, but now works as part of Day9TV. And this post is about Marky.

In August of 2012, Marky posted on the Starcraft subreddit, announcing The Question Grabber was available for public use, but also asking for help. He was having trouble paying his hosting bills, and was asking for help keeping the site going. As a fellow programmer, I pulled some of the profits out of my web hosting and sent it his way. Marky was a sir, replying back to me shortly after the donation. (Unfortunately, his server crashed and took the whole page with it — something that has happened to me before; it’s painful!)

Just minutes ago, I was shocked to find an email from Marky in my inbox. Attached to it was the donation I sent to him, and a thank-you message for the donation.

I can’t accept the money, though.

I gave him that money knowing full-well that I wouldn’t get it back. A fellow programmer and supporter of a common cause was in need, and I was happy to help. I’m also happy to know that he’s no longer in need of the extra cash. Instead of holding onto what he sent me, it makes more sense to give it to somebody else in need — something that falls under a common cause that we support.

Cue: Child’s Play Charity.

So Marky, thanks for not forgetting about the people who helped you out before. Instead of holding onto the cash though, there’s some sick kids out there that need this money more than I do. You rock, man!

marky[sir-level] => 9000


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