Updates on Life, Photography, and Such

Oh dear, Brian. It’s been forever since you’ve posted. Forever indeed. How embarrassing. Gone are the twice-a-week updates, apparently.

I have reasons for this, however, I assure you. I haven’t just gotten lazy. Okay, maybe I have. But not THAT lazy.

Let’s start with the photography updates first, since that’s what most of you come here for. I’ve been busy Busy BUSY with my photography. In particular, I picked up the latest Rebel in the Canon line, the Rebel T3i (thank you, Air Miles!). It’s a great body at a solid price point, so if you don’t have the 8600 Air Miles kickin’ around, it’s still a good price.

I also picked up…drum roll, please…the Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 OS. This $1,600 monster is such a dream to shoot with. It’s fast, crisp and is $1,200 cheaper than its Canon counterpart. The bokeh is like butter on this lens, and this particular style has been commonly labeled one of the “essential lenses” in any serious photographer’s kit.

So, here’s some galleries from the new body and lens (well, the MODS album is the 70-200 f/2.8; the other ones are on the 18-55 IS). You’ll notice these are now hosted on Flickr and not locally. I’m still undecided which one I’m going to stick with, but I’m sure Flickr will give me some better publicity. I have some shots here from a MODS game my team played in (I was out with a sore ankle), a party I went to, and a swing dance workshop.

In other news, my work term at Ceridian finished in April, but I was hired on over the summer as a part-time contractor, working when I’m not in class. It’s nice to have money again!

Finally, I have a number of projects on the go. First is a Minecraft server (yes, I caved and bought it. Yes, I’m addicted), which is play-by-donation. If you’re interested, drop me a line. I’m also working on a character Generator for Call of Cthulhu with a few friends (check out the Github here). Finally, I’m working on a heartbeat monitor for Minecraft servers to keep in-line with my current addiction. That project will be closed source, but many of my other ones will be open from now on.

On a closing note, I bought the domain brianturchyn.net, which will be used as a professional portfolio. The blog will remain here, but my main content will be on the former site. This domain name I feel simply isn’t professional, and it’s time to develop that aspect of things.

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