Photography Update: Dec. 20 2010

In a moment of stupidity, I had an energy drink at 11:30pm last night while at a friend’s party. Needless to say, at 3:03am the following morning (ie. today), I am unfortunately still awake. I guess I got what was coming to me.

On the plus side, that now means that I had the time to go through some of my photos that I’ve taken since the last photo update, pick out a few of the decent ones, and prep them to go up on time today. I have some photos from the last blues class at UMSwing, our year-end potluck, and my friend’s potluck that I attended last night (or was it today? I guess I left after midnight…).

I added the ability to vote on specific photos and a gallery as a whole now, so when you view an image that you like (I hope there’s at least one or two!), you can give it a good rating :P. Of course, comments on the album are always welcome.

Without further ado and without further caffeine-induced ramblings, here’s the photos!

[nggallery id=20]

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