Level 3 Studios Photo Shoot

After two weeks of dying to actually pick through these photos, I finally found the time this past weekend. My schedule has been ridiculously busy, and as such my blog updates have suffered; that precious buffer I had going: gone!

Anyway, this batch of photos is from my first photo shoot, which I did at Level 3 Studios with a bunch of friends. This was a great first experience in a photo shoot scenario, but also very daunting and intimidating. I’d love to do it again, but I might need some more ideas before I go into that.

Because I was rushed, I never had the chance to do any major photo manipulation with these, and I think a fair number of these will look better after some simple changes, such as a grey scale or sepia tone added to them. I’d love to do that to a selection of them and upload them later.

As per usual, I really appreciate your comments. Post a comment below; I read all of them, I promise!

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