A Busy Past Two Weeks

So my twice-per-week updates seem to have fallen a bit behind as of late. To those one or two dedicated readers, my apologies for not giving you something to burn a couple minutes from your day with.

I have three culprits to lay the blame for this lack of updates. One of those has been a savage case of writer’s block. Another of those has been a very busy schedule for me. Busier than normal, even. As such, the third and final culprit goes by the name of “Sleep Deprivation”, which always seems to tag along with culprit number two. In a possibly vain attempt to get myself back on my writing pedestal, I figured I’d fill you all in about the past two weeks.

As those of you who are involved in the Winnipeg swing scene may know, UMSwing had two events to demo at last weekend, the first being the Gilbert & Sullivan Gala Fund-raiser, and the second being the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra’s performance. The fund-raiser involved a couple of demonstration songs, and the WJO performance involved dancing for 20 minutes during their intermission, as well as the opportunity for one or two couples to dance on stage during one of their songs. Although they took place over the weekend, I’ve been in talks with organizers of both events for quite some time, and the last week became crunch time for me as I made sure everything went as expected. I’m really glad that we were invited to both events, and we’d certainly be interested in doing it again.

To swing (no pun intended) from one quirky interest to another, this Wednesday a couple of us took advantage of the day off and planned for a session of Dungeons & Dragons. I need to take a minute here to explain this:

  • No, it did NOT die out ten years ago
  • Yes, it IS fun
  • No, you do NOT need to be an über-nerd to play
  • Yes, girls DO play it.

Anyway, in this group (which has yet to receive a name), I am the DM; I’m the one who tells the story, plays the non-player characters (NPCs), and guides the other players through their adventures. Although very fun to DM, it also requires a lot of work to create your own adventures; dungeons, the global map, encounters, and NPCs all need to be planned. Thus, that chewed through a fair amount of spare time that I had. On the plus side, I over-prepared, so I have everything I need for the next time around.

This weekend, I have plans to go out to a friend’s cottage for some much-needed rest. It’ll be nice to get away from it all, and hopefully take some great photos, which I hope to put up for Monday’s post. I also have some ideas for another Linux command line tip, so those of you reading my previous post regarding Byobu: stay tuned.

“I’ve never seen you here before. I like that in a woman.”
— Renaldo ‘The Heel’, Crimewave (1985)

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