Car Upgrades, Pt. 3

In the last part on my series of upgrades I will be doing to my car, I thought I’d focus a little bit (although not entirely) on the electrical components in my car. As you may remember in the first part, I talked about the sound system I put in my car and the homebrew neon lighting I tried out. In the second part, I mentioned the neon upgrades and the paint job that I was toying around with.

Although I already did accent lighting, I’d like to look at expanding it a little more. I had previously mentioned that I was going to add more neon lighting, but I’m also going to look into lighting up the running boards. Although my car is a red/maroon and my neon lighting is blue, I think I’m going to go with red LEDs along the boards; red and blue accent lighting together should look pretty nice. Since LEDs tend to run at an optimum voltage of 2.5 volts, I can get about 5 in every series, since a car runs on 12 volts. I’d like those to turn on when the doors open. Since they will be wired in with the door light, I can force them to turn on just like if I wanted the door light to turn on. I would also like to replace the door light, glove compartment light, and dashboard lights with LEDs (blue, white, and white respectively).

For exterior lighting, I’d like to also replace those with LED lights. They’re much brighter than conventional bulbs and use less electricity, which in turn improves fuel efficiency. Although I’m not sure about the headlights, I’m sure I can replace all of the other bulbs, and potentially make the enclosures clear, since the bulbs will be colored the proper colors. I’d like to get nice headlights as well, but I don’t know if they’re available for my car. But, if I can find ones that fit, I can take them out when I get a new car, and if they don’t fit I can sell them and get part of my money back since they last forever.

The last thing I’d like to look into is redoing the upholstery. The seats are boring and bland, but the front ones are an irregular shape, which may make finding seat covers difficult. I already found a faux-leather seat cover for the back bench seat which will look nice, and I also picked out black-with-red seat covers for the front seat, pending that they’ll actually fit. If it proves to be difficult, I might end up doing alterations to them with a sewing machine.

And thus completes my plans for my car. Since it didn’t cost me anything and it’s not exactly new, I think it’s a reasonable time to try a few things out and see what works and what doesn’t. That way, when I get a nice car, I can do some customization on it and not be worried about destroying something.

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