Car Upgrades, Pt. 2

My car, a 1994 Plymouth Acclaim, was given to me by my grandpa. At the time, I wasn’t entirely sure that I wanted it. After all, it looks like the only person that should drive it should be someone who is 80+ years old (which, as it stands, is fitting for my grandpa). Don’t get me wrong; I’m grateful to have it, and it runs amazingly well, but it makes me feel old. Not “old” as in 25 years old, but “old” as in 60+ years old.

That being said, I’ve done my best to make it my own. Last post I made, I mentioned my sound system, which has received three solid upgrades since I got the car. Although I put a fair amount of money into it, I’m okay with that because everything I put in I can remove in a few hours so that it can be put into my future new car. Next upgrade I did was install some neon lighting inside, which looks amazing, even in my car. I like it so much that I’m going to be putting more inside. Even simple things like getting nice windshield wipers make the car look that little bit better.

I do have some other plans, however, and I’m hopeful that they’ll turn out well. The next thing I’m going to try is painting the car interior.Not all of it, but just the vinyl frame around the interior of the car. As far as customization goes, it’s pretty easy to go. I’ll be using a basic, flat black spray paint, and I’ll do each part one at a time, and hopefully it will make the car look a little sleeker. The entire interior is an off-gray, and I think it needs something to make it look a little sharper. While I’m at that, I’ll also touch up the paint on the outside with one of those touch-up pens. There’s a few nicks in the paint that I’d like to clean up, and it will certainly make the car look cleaner.

The only other thing that I might consider paint-wise is to paint the exterior of my car. My dad actually made the suggestion, which caught me a little off-guard. Regardless, it would be a great learning experience, and could potentially make my car look better. Depending on how creative I felt, I could maybe look into doing a custom design on the side of the car. I think I lack both the creativity and dexterity to pull off something like that, though. I think it would be really fun to learn how to do that, though.

I have a few more things up my sleeve, which I’ll go into next time (I promise next time will be my last car upgrade post for a while). I have a few electrical and fabric things for next time, which I hope to work on this summer.

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