Technical Difficulties

So, I’ve had quite a string of bad luck with technology as of late. One incident involved my personal server at home, and the other involved my website.

I spend quite a bit of time on the bus for getting around, mainly because the places I need to get to the most have pretty good service, and also because the price of gasoline is atrocious. Because I spend so much time on the bus, I want to be able to use my time to accomplish something. Although I sometimes use the time to study, I also have used the time for writing on my blog. Sometimes an event inspires writing, and I’d rather start brainstorming immediately than forget what happened.

A few days ago I happened to be writing about the great weather (sounds boring, I know – more on that later), and I wanted to upload the draft on to the blog. Unfortunately, during that process I lost all of my work. Annoyed, I started to rewrite the post, only for it to happen a second time. Those of you who are sharper than normal may have noticed the lack of a post this past Monday; that’s why.

When I got home that same day, which happened to be a scorcher of a day, my mother suggested I move my server into another room for the summer. Normally I would ignore anything my mother says about computers, but she raised a valid point about cutting down the temperature in my room. With all the gear running in my room, namely a desktop, server, network switch, TV, and home theatre system, my room is hot in the dead of winter. You can imagine how hot it gets in my west-facing room during the summer.

After finding a suitable spot in the adjacent room, I powered up my server and hooked it up to the network. When I tried to access the server after booting up, I couldn’t. A quick look at the network switch told me the network connection wasn’t working. My geek instinct kicked in, and I started trying to figure out the problem. I was worried I had damaged my server while moving it, since I plugged the network cable into my laptop and the network was working fine. I ended up making a foolish mistake with the order in which I hooked everything up. In short, my server does not use the network manager service, so if the network cable is not plugged in upon boot, it won’t connect to the network.

I guess all I can hope for is that my string of bad luck ends. So far, things seem to be going well with both the install of the new iPod Touch 3.0 firmware and Fedora 11 (updates to be posted about both soon!), so let’s hope that things continue on the good streak.

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